Thursday, April 7, 2016

Can everything just be planned already?

I've been absent from my blog for a week! Well that's not like me. I have good reason though.

First of all it was Derek's birthday Tuesday. He's finally 30! I've been waiting two years for him to join me in the 30s club.

Second of all I have actually started really getting serious about this wedding planning business. The guest list is already giving me anxiety. I have a large family and by inviting some cousins I have to invite ALL OF THEM apparently. I have 6 cousins on my father's side and 9 on my mother's side (two are off the guest list at least for various reasons). Is it horrible that I hope some of them RSVP NO so I can invite more friends? I keep in touch with quite a few cousins (two of them I consider good friends) but some I never see, pretty much ever. But my mother said I have to do the right thing and invite them even if many of them won't come. Aunts and uncles are also invited so my mom is right, I can't not invite all the cousins then.

We are checking out a venue next Wednesday. It's in Boston and it's a restaurant where we could do the ceremony and reception. My boss is letting me leave an hour early to meet with their event planner with Derek and check out the space. I'm hoping it's one and done. I just want to nail down the venue so I can stop worrying about it. Apparently you need to book things 5 year in advance! Ok I'm exaggerating but everyone has been telling me I need to book the venue now for next spring. I really want a wedding in the city because Derek and I are city folk and so are most of our friends. 

Make it happen universe!

And in other wedding news, my BFF Germana got engaged yesterday. Andy is a great guy and I'm so happy they're engaged! We're having dinner with them soon so I'm sure I'll hear all the details.

Before I go, I'd like to thank everyone for their comments on my last post. I really appreciate it.


  1. haha, thanks for the shout out! I hope the venue works out and the guest list gets finalized. I am not looking forward to figuring out a guest list, it's going to be GIGANTIC.

  2. That author I’m so enthused with—Margaret Deland—was from Pennsylvania, but when she married, she and her husband—who was from Boston—lived in Boston for decades until his death, after which she moved to Kennebunkport. Their house was near Boston Commons, and it’s still there, although I think it’s a beauty shop now (I’ve seen photos of it, but I I don’t recall for certain). Anyway, it’s at 35 Newbury St, so if you ever drive by, give it a wave for me.

    I’ve been married for 44 years now, and it’s definitely better to be married than to get married. I was such a nervous wreck the night we got married, so all I was fit for afterwards was going to bed. I can tell that you’re going to do a lot better than I.

  3. Too bad that such a happy occasion is so stressful! But with a large family, I can see how the stress can build. Hopefully you can lock down that venue, then everything else will just magically fall into place, right?
    Happy Birthday to Derek. I didn't realize you were such a cougar ;)

  4. Ugh, wedding planning is always like this. Having planned two myself, I feel that I am an expert on the subject. ;-)