Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The King lives and he comes with a pu pu platter

Can winter be done with? No! This is New England! Here's some snow.

One thing I love about Boston is the random stuff you see just walking around. Like - "here's a lion on my front steps, enjoy!"

The snow has all melted by now but I was not pleased last week. I've been checking the weather religiously for the Marathon Monday forecast. So far it's going to be low 60s and cloudy. I'll take it!

Less than a week away now.

I work near the finish line so I get to see the progress of setting up for the marathon every year.

Friday night was fun.

So was Saturday.

I was going to "take it easy" and I think I jinxed myself by saying that. I didn't know these two but started dancing with them and then when I found out they were from Waltham I asked them when they graduated and it turns out they know my cousins. I texted this picture to my cousin Lauren.

Ah Chansky's. Pretty much my favorite convince store. The employees are always playing good music and their signs are never lacking in entertainment.

Now onto Sunday Funday. Not every weekend it like this, I swear.

We went to an Elvis show at a Chinese restaurant in Weymouth. My former roommate Todd and his girlfriend are well on their way to being townies.

Derek declared that we would be the youngest people there and we were. I'm not a big Elvis fan but it was still entertaining and we ate massive amounts of Chinese food. I was in pu pu platter heaven. I feel very sorry for you if you don't have good Chinese food in you area. My brother misses it in Florida.

Speaking of my brother - he's back from Dubai! He surprised my niece and nephew and the video my SIL sent me was just so cute. This auntie got teary eyed. I can't imagine how hard it was to be apart for months.


  1. only a few more days until marathon monday woo!!

  2. My neighbours have all sorts of nutty statuettes on their front lawns. There's a pig that I always say hello to, and a bird that is either a small goose or a large duck - I can't tell. I feel sad because the faux-Victorian little shepherd boy a couple of lawns over was decapitated sometime during the winter. His head is resting nearby in a flower bed. Someone ought to clean up that crime scene.