Monday, May 23, 2016

Hold the door!

I have been quite the social butterfly the past two weeks. It's been fun but I did have to say no to one invite because this extrovert needs a break once in a while.

Fiona and I have decided we need to go to the Silhouette more often. It's one of Allston's finest dives. The bartender accidentally spilled a bit of beer on my purse and she felt so bad she offered to take money off our bill. I assured her my Target purse was fine but she did it anyway. We tipped her good.

Please note the "Happy New Year" banner that is till up in the right hand corner.

One thing you should know about me is that I'm very observant. I'm constantly noticing the little things. This is how this photo came about. Someone left baseball cards on a stoop in a plastic baggie. I don't know why I find little things like this interesting. In a future post I shall tell you about the giving pole near my apartment. I just need some photos before I write the post.

Publick House with "the crew" last night after dinner in Fanieul Hall. Someone abandoned their beer in the bathroom. It was not me. My motto is no beer left behind!

Sunday aka Saturday part duex. I fully admit to crying during this last episode of Game of Thrones. HODOR! HOLD THE DOOR!

Fiona and I had this brilliant idea that we would bring McNuggets to Game of Thrones night. It went over very well. Let me tell you how the drive through went.

"yes can we get 40 chicken McNuggets"

"what kind of sauce do you want?"

"all of them!"

"Ok we only have two,"

"fine, that's fine"

"and then..."

It was almost Dude's Where's my Car.

We cut up the burgers to be "classy". McDonald's + cheese plate + wine = classy

Me + nuggets + wine + North of the Wall map = something...... Also I did not blow dry my hair so it's outta control!

So I'm getting married May 20th, 2017 and my best friend since 1997 is getting married a few months after me. So she asked me to be a bridesmaid via snapchat and of course I said yes! I'm so happy that we're both getting married the same year and get to experience this together. I'm not having bridesmaids as Derek and I decided not to go that route but if I did she would be my maid of honor. I feel a bit guilty for not having bridesmaids but we want our wedding to be low key. I still want my best ladies around me on my wedding day so I will invite them to my hotel room where I'll be getting ready. Germana and Andy are thinking of getting married at the Paine Estate in our home town. It's a beautiful location and also has a very personal meaning for me. My great grandparents met at the Paine Estate. My great grandmother was a maid there and my great grandfather was a chauffeur for a wealthy family the next town over. They met at he Paine Estate and fell in love and well I wouldn't be here if they never met. History is great!

Sunday is Game of Thrones night at Kerry and Doug's. This week's episode really hit you right in the feels! HODOR! Ugh I fully admit to crying. This season has been fantastic.

 Porch time. Derek and I may be losing a porch when we move but at least our friends have a porch,

Basically everyone's reaction after the last episode of Game of Thrones.

It's ok we have wine!

Ugh why Hodor WHY! This was a very emotional Game of Thrones Episode. HODOR.


  1. Is it too early to say congratulations on the Wedding?

    The photo that concerns me the most is the one with the empty loo roll? :D

  2. I enjoyed reading about and seeing your weekend. Then I even enjoyed Cool Joe's comment as I agree about the beer-in-the-bathroom scene. I don't watch Game of Thrones because we don't have HBO, but I know of "some people" who hack/watch it.

    Happy wedding season! By the way, I checked out snapchat after your last post. As expected, the only people I knew on there were two of my kids and one mom friend who probably just uses it to spy on her daughter.

  3. I am jealous of your classy feast. Yum!

    I have never been a bridesmaid nor had bridesmaids (despite 2 weddings). I think you have the right idea, keeping it low-key. The less stress, the more you'll enjoy it!