Friday, May 20, 2016

The app that makes me feel old AF

Well folks it's finally happened. There's now an app that makes me feel really old. That app is snapchat. And I'm not alone! My friends have been like "well I do declare I surely can't figure out how to use this new fangled contraption the snapchat." When I first got snapchat I felt the same way. I was about ready to go up to a 13 year old and ask them to help an old lady out. I'd even throw in a Werther's Original candy for their time. The young folk like those I hear. Then I remembered google exists so that seemed like a better option than tracking down a tween.

So I taught myself snapchat and now I'm hip and down and cool and whatever other slang words are used these days. I also get to keep my Werther's Original candy.

So now that I know snapchat I can fool people into thinking I wear makeup or that I have the face of a cartoon dog. Awesome.

Snapchat has stirred up some controversy. The app has been accused of white washing with certain filters (see the flower crown filter that every single girl has been using except for me) and for black face (see the Bob Marley filter).

There's also articles on how to do your makeup like a snapchat filter. There's only NINE STEPS using FOURTEEN different products. Jesus I'm lucky if I find the time to put on chapstick. I'm lazy! Why would I do my makeup to look like a snapchat filter when I could just use the actual filter?

If you want to follow me on snapchat my user name is theginntastic. Someone actually took ginntastic from me. Can you believe it? So rude.


  1. I've been playing around with MSQRD, another app that does funky filters. I gave myself a beard. I think it suits me.

  2. My kids have been using Snapchat for years now, I have no desire to, unless it has a filter that makes me look 18 again.

  3. How timely. My kids were just filling their old mom in on snapchat over the weekend. I looked into it briefly then decided I wouldn't know anyone on there anyway. Except now there's theginntastic.