Friday, June 24, 2016

Almost time

I'm heading up to Maine this weekend after work. Fiona is picking me up since I am carless. They just got a new boat, Fiona's got Spotify and the weather is going to be perfect. Now I just have to stop looking at the clock.

And if you see something on a dock in Maine that's blinding white, that's just my pasty white skin glowing in the sun and blinding everyone within a 5 mile radius.


  1. OH, have fun! I so want to visit Maine, and it's so freaking hot, I bet NOW would be perfect. Enjoy the lobster, but don't turn into one! Wear sunscreen!

  2. Enjoy! I made a salesperson at the vein clinic laugh when I referred to the colour of my compression stockings as "pasty white girl". (The official colour is "sand", but I think my nomenclature is more accurate.)