Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Jonathan's

I read an article where a blogger announced that her ten year old daughter came out at Pride as pansexual. I find it a bit hard to believe a ten year old can really understand what being pansexual actually means. I mean I'm thirty-two and hadn't even heard the term until Miley Cyrus announced she is pansexual. This got me thinking though. How old was I when I realized I was attracted to guys and who was my first crush? Although I can't remember the exact age I know I was in elementary school and I know that my first big crushes were the Jonathan's.

Jonathan #1

Jonathan Taylor Thomas aka "JTT"

I'm pretty sure every girl my age had a crush on JTT at some point. I loved him in Home Improvement, Tom and Huck, Wild America and of course he was the voice of young Simba in the Lion King. Looking back at photos from Tom and Huck, Brad Renfro was way hotter.

Jonathan #2

Jonathan Jackson

I first saw him in Camp Nowhere in 1994. I instantly had a crush and wanted to go to camp. In 2002 he would star in Tuck Everlasting and I was pleased to see that he was aging well. No one wants to see a crush go south in the looks department. He's still acting, most recently being on Nashville.

Even though he's not a Jonathan, I have to mention Devon Sawa.

He was in a ton of 90s movies but my favorite was Now and Then. Devon is still acting and is pretty active on twitter. He actually tweeted back at me one time. If you told twelve year old me that, I would have flipped out.

I'm pretty sure I spent most of my allowance on all of those tween magazines like Bop and TigerBeat so I could hang all the posters on my walls.

Will Devon ever date a fan?! A girl needs to know!

As for my first crush on a boy that I actually knew in real life, that would be this kid in the Wild Turkey hat. I can't remember his name so let's just call him Jonathan too. I made sure to sit next to him and wore my best dress.

Note my brother behind us getting ready to do something devious I'm sure.


  1. I add Jonathan Brandis to the list even though he's passed away. I had SUCH a crush on JTT though. Ugh.

    1. Yes! He is another Jonathan to add to the list. Very sad how he died. I loved that movie Ladybugs.

  2. Your celeb crushes are much younger than mine... but I do remember how all the "kids" were crushing on JTT.

    A 10 year old pansexual?!?

    I remember crushing on certain classmates in elementary school, and clearly remember my first "manly" crush as puberty reared it's ugly head. I see you liked the bad boys! Nice!

    1. Who let's their kid wear a Wild Turkey hat?

  3. That's such a cute photo!

    There was one fun/cute boy in the group of kids from my grade who lived on my block. I remember making arrangements with him that we would get married when we were older. Another girl got jealous and pushed him off the top level of a bunk bed for picking me over her! (He is now a dad, a professional journalist, and is in the Guiness Book of World Records for some juggling-related achievement. The other girl is a mom and professional athlete. So we all turned out okay.)