Monday, July 4, 2016

3D Tinder

For a while I would insist that I was just as good a cook as Derek. I conceded victory to Derek a while ago. He's the better cook and I'm the better baker. He gets an idea in his head and then cooks it up. I need a recipe to follow unless we're talking grilled cheese. This is tilapia with white wine, dill, rosemary and thyme. It was good.

The Last Drop was dead on Saturday. It got busier as the night went on but not nearly as busy as usual. There was a woman who took over the jukebox and was picking terrible songs. Kerry and I were waiting for her to finish but she just kept going. I decided to take the passive aggressive approach of standing behind her.

I love these leggings! I think Kerry should put them in the next fashion swap so I can take them.

Late night treat for myself. Can you tell this cupcake is from Whole Foods? Coke glass courtesy of my mother who decided that I needed a Coca Cola glass collection. I don't even drink soda.

Headed over to Cambridge on Sunday. Our original plan was River Gods but they were closed. It seemed like half the bars in Cambridge were closed. We ended up at the People's Republik.

"Russian Communist-themed bar decked out with bombs & propaganda posters & offering casual fare."

Well that is accurate, thank you google for that description.

The quote of the night goes to Derek's friend Kevin with "This song sounds like flannel."

I had a good laugh over this. But can you swipe right or swipe left?

I'm digging this snapchat filter. Just call me lady spider eyes.

Happy 4th everyone! Be safe with fireworks and eat lots of grilled meats.


  1. Since I hardly ever go out on the town, I appreciate that I can live vicariously through you. You've got some witty graffitists in your area. "3D tinder", "I only have 25-cent quarters" HA!

    1. I shall continue to go out for your sake Abby. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

  2. I agree - those leggings are pretty great. Actually, they would go well with your spider-lady look. Do you think that maybe you're a repressed goth?