Saturday, July 2, 2016

Busy city bee

I went out a lot this week. I'm sure my wallet is crying. I'll just give you the highlights (and the lowlights)

Bar Louie near Fenway is winning major points with me.

First of all $1 PBR.

It's pretty rare to find beer for a dollar in Boston. Even the PBR is enjoying a PBR. How meta.

I had a good laugh at this one. Well done CMR, whoever you are.

Second of all, $5 burgers with tater tots on Tuesday nights. Keep it up Bar Louie.

We have no plans for the Fourth and I'm ok with that. We both got off work early yesterday so went over to Faneuil Hall.

We went to Paddy O's first and the service was terrible. We were wondering where our waitress was so we could get the check and pay but she was no where to be found. Some time later I saw her sitting at the bar in her non work clothes having a beer. We had no idea that her shift had ended or who our new waiter or waitress was. I was pretty annoyed. I finally caught a manager and asked if we could get our check. I gave 15% instead of 20% for a tip. I'm such a sucker. I shouldn't have even given that much.

Next up was Durgin-Park. Service was much better there.

I think it might be time to dye my hair darker again.

My weather app is terrible. It said nothing about rain and it poured.

The new Government Center T stop does look pretty with the lights. I still think the lights are unnecessary since the T has no money but it's done. Fares went up again July 1. Service will still be terrible I'm sure but hey PRETTY LIGHTS.

We got a little wet. I was so tired last night. I've been staying up too late during the week.

Speaking of tired, I think it's time for a nap. Blogging is tough work.


  1. I thought you were meant to tip 15% in the States generally anyway? Oops.

    1. 15% is the norm so no worries, 20% if you really thought the service was great. In general I tip 20% because I'm a sucker but you won't look like an ass tipping 15%

  2. With $1 beer and $5 burgers, your wallet could have done worse. :-)
    I hate getting caught in the rain without an umbrella! Mostly it's because rain on my glasses is incredibly annoying. If I had windshield wipers it wouldn't be so bad.