Thursday, August 25, 2016


I'm just a bit skeeved out right now. I went shopping at Victoria's Secret to buy some new underwear. I was looking through trying to find the size and pattern I wanted when I came across a pair that didn't look quite right. They didn't look bright and new. I didn't see a price tag on them and that's when I got a bad feeling. I tossed them out of my hand and that's when I noticed that they definitely were used (I won't go into detail as to how I knew this, but trust me USED)! Someone must have put on a new pair in the dressing room and left their old underwear mixed in with the new ones. I told a sales clerk and then wished I had a gallon of hand sanitizer. 

To whoever left the dirty panties. You nasty!


  1. With news today about "trigger warnings", I'm thinking this post might've been a good place for one! ...What joeh said.

  2. :-p Yuck! I wonder how often that happens. (Once is too often.)