Sunday, August 21, 2016

Who's ready for fall?

This girl right here. August has been brutally hot and all I can think about is cooler weather and Halloween.

Fiona already sent out an invite for her Halloween party and I'm so ready for it. I've already been brainstorming Halloween costumes. I was thinking of doing something from Stranger Things but I think there will be a ton of Stranger Things costumes this year.

If you haven't watched Stranger Things on Netflix yet, get on that. This is a show that actually lives up to the hype. I've heard the series described as a mix of 80s Spielberg movies, Stephen King and the X-Files. I think that's pretty accurate.

And look at that, I wrote a post about fall and didn't mention pumpkin spiced anything. I like to buck the trend.


  1. I was going to keep it a secret....but my party is stranger things decor themed!

  2. Cooler weather!!! is the best. The heat wave in Toronto broke last night, and I wore a CARDIGAN to work this morning. So cozy and wonderful!