Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Food regret

Last night I made a terrible mistake. Rather than ordering my usual chicken ramen from Wagamama I ordered a rice dish with veggies and chicken. I thought it would be fun to mix it up. Wrong! The first issue was the chicken. It looked like they took all the leftover parts from the good chicken used in the ramen and threw it in this dish. It did not look appetizing at all. The second issue is that I started getting heartburn from it and I don't know why because the dish was pretty bland. Maybe my stomach was looking out for me being like "do not eat that gross looking chicken!" I could not force myself to eat it but I'm too nice to send food back. Instead we got our check and went to a hotel bar where I ordered a fancy flat bread pizza. Get this chicken situation figured out Wagamama.


  1. Hmm... maybe it wasn't even chicken?

  2. I don't send food back either, unless there is something obviously wrong, then you are doing them a favor. Had scallops a few weeks ago and I could tell by the smell before they reached me that they were not fresh. I ate one cause I'm an idiot and it was bad. When the made the usual "how is everything" request I simply said everything is fine except the scallops are inedible. I think the manager appreciated it, rather than continue to sell them to others.

    1. I only send food back if the food is literally bad like you said. I'm glad you survived the bad scallops. That can really make you sick.