Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How to ruin a salad

I know I'm posting twice today but I'm really getting screwed over in the food department here. I wanted a caesar salad for lunch so I decided to go to Sweetgreen despite the fact that their lines are ridiculously long, despite the fact that their salads are overpriced and despite the fact that you can't think straight because it's so loud and noisy. I really like the parmesan crisp croutons though. When I get up to the counter I tell them I want a kale caesar with no tomato and no lime squeeze. Lime juice does not belong in a caesar salad. I see the guy start to put the tomatoes in my salad and I'm trying to say NO TOMATO loud enough for him to hear me over the dumb music that does not need to be playing but of course he hears me too late so the salad guts dumped. Let's try this again. This time I get no tomatoes but I get a big old squeeze of lime. Nope, dump that one let's try AGAIN. This time the tomatoes are back in! We're on try #3 now. This is getting a bit ridiculous. I tell them it's fine I'll just pick them out. I'm too annoyed and hungry at this point. I pay for my salad and head out the door and that's when I notice there is no chicken in the salad! $*#&*@&*(@#*(!

I paid $10 to angrily eat lettuce and kale. At least they didn't forget the parmesan crisp croutons.


  1. Eeesh. That's pretty bad. Glad to know that they gave you a credit later.

  2. Do you go to the one on Boylston St or the one in the Prudential Mall?