Monday, September 26, 2016

I look like a leper

I have some eczema happening on my left leg near my ankle. I look like a leper. I guess I'm out of the world's sexiest ankle competition this year.

It actually feels like fall this morning. I had to wear a light jacket to work. My hair is also looking good because there's no humidity. I love this time of year despite the fact that the change in seasons is what's causing my leper leg.

Who is watching the debate tonight? It's going to be one for the ages I'm sure. I hope Trump flies off the handle and looks like the lunatic he is. There's a good chance of that happening since he gets pretty upset over facts.

I updated my photo blog. I only took two pictures from King Richard's Faire yesterday but I got pumpkin head! I don't know if that's his actual name but that's what I'm calling him.


  1. Yuk. Eczema. I had a bout with it on my FACE a couple of years ago when the weather got colder. Be glad you only have leper leg. Burt's Bees cured me of leper face, thank God. Might help the leg.
    I didn't know you had a photo blog. Or did I?

    1. I'll give anything a try!

      My photo blog is mostly for random phone pics. I like having them on a blog rather than clogging up my computer or my phone.