Sunday, October 2, 2016

It's October so let's go to a Halloween party

I've already been to my first Halloween party this year. I had no clue what to dress up as so I just decided to paint my face. Well half of my face.

The rain smudged the paint a bit but overall I think it came out ok for my first time. I had to keep reminding myself to not touch my face which of course made me think about all these itches that I wouldn't normally have if I knew I couldn't touch my face!

Derek's costume is.....Derek! He's not a big costume person.

I have one other Halloween party coming up and I'm fully dressing up for that. I originally had one idea in mind but then I saw this dress online (that was on sale to boot) and now I'm going as something completely different.

The weather has been really crap with all of this rain. I know we need it but I still don't like it. I want a nice fall day with no rain.


  1. well done makeup! nice!

    I have no costumes figured out. Need to consult with the cat and see what kind of couples costume she'd be open to. She is SUCH a diva.

  2. I love it! It is a bit of a pain to maintain a painted face, but worth the occasional effort.

  3. Love the face, nice job!
    No Halloween parties on my agenda (yet). I guess I'll just have to settle for freaking out the trick-or-treaters.

  4. Love the face, but I'm with Derek, I'm not one for dressing in fancy dress either. Mind you, some people may say I wear fancy dress every day.