Thursday, October 27, 2016

Car full of bees, every girl's dream.

I just remembered that in my 6th grade yearbook I said I was going to be a chemist, an Olympic gold medalist (for swimming) and I was going to drive a Mazda. I still don’t know why I specifically picked a Mazda but I was a weird kid so there you go.

Although I never became a chemist or an Olympic gold medalist, I did end up driving a Mazda for a bit. It was a 1990 Mazda Protege that had bees coming through the vents. Dream big kids and maybe one day you too can drive a Mazda full of bees.


  1. I'll bet a 6th grade girl thinking about a car would have been dreaming about a Mazda Miata convertable.

  2. Hey, well one out of three isn't bad!
    Bees made a hive in the housing of my (Ford van) rearview mirror last summer. Thank God it wasn't in the vents!