Saturday, December 17, 2016

Fooled by Sun Chips

For those of you who read my blog regularly you probably have read about my intersitial cystitis. It's a real bitch of an autoimmune disease that affects your bladder. There are certain foods I can't eat because they'll trigger a flare. If you want to know what a flare feels like just light your bladder on fire. I'm usually pretty careful about making sure food is safe before I eat it but sometimes I get careless or I'm fooled. Shit happens.

Today I was at a family Christmas party at my mom's house and I saw a giant bowl of Sun Chips. I love Sun Chips. I'll eat the plain but Harvest Cheddar is where it's at. I will destroy a bag of those. So I start eating what I think are Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips and they taste a little weird but I'm drinking some wine so I'm thinking that maybe the wine is messing with my Sun Chip palate. Then my mouth starts burning. My mouth should not be burning from Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips. This can't be good. I go into the kitchen to find the bag to see what kind of Sun Chips they are.

GARDEN SALSA! Fantastic. See that tomato and jalapeno? I might as well eat battery acid. They look exactly like the Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips when they're out of the bag! How was I supposed to know? Well if I had just asked in the first place I could have avoided this whole situation but then we wouldn't have this whole blog post about Sun Chips now would we? I only ate a few and I'm chugging water so we'll see what happens.

Let me know if you want to sponser this post Sun Chips. You can pay me in Harvest Cheddar.

Besides possibly ruining my bladder for the night we came home with some pretty great stuff. Derek got some gin and a pepper grinder from my mom and it's actually good gin because I told my mother what kind to get. I also told her to get Derek the pepper grinder because he's been wanting one. You're welcome Derek.

I got a new blow dryer, which I also told my mom I wanted. My current blow dryer is making a fun CLANK CLANK CLUNK noise. The new blow dryer is a BaByliss PRO which claims to be the "World Leader in European Professional Products".

I'd love to meet the marketing team behind this.

"Let's call it Babyliss. That will really convey our message of professionalism."

"Oooh and we should capitalize both B's, not just the first one."

"I think we're done here."

My yankee swap gift is pretty much the best thing ever!

I've named him Lux. He comes from Thailand. Derek's first reaction was "that is not going in my office!" Challenge accepted! Let's see if I can sneak it in there and how long it will take for him to notice.


  1. WOW!! I just lit my bladder on fire and that is not fun...damn!! I hope drinking a lot of water works.

    1. I seem to be doing ok. I must be the most hydrated person in the state right now.

  2. I hope your bladder holds out okay, my younger daughter has the same problem and I know from her it's not fun at all.

    Don't just about all hair products state "World Leader in European Professional Products".

    1. I'm sorry your daughter has to deal with it as well. It's no fun.

      Apparently only Europe can make the professional hair products

  3. I must have missed your cystitis mentions previously! Sorry to hear about that.

    In related news, my kitty is dealing with a cystitis/crystals in her urine issue. So you're in very good company. She's purrrfect. (I can't help myself.)

    1. Awww. I remember reading about your kitty being sick on your blog. I hope it clears up soon with the right food. Bosco had crystals a few years ago from eating too much fish.

  4. Darn those Sun Chips. Why must they come in SO many varieties?? I hope you got through the episode okay. Lux is beautiful. Good luck with the challenge.