Sunday, December 18, 2016

Don't mess with my Chinese food

I'm in a fight with Golden Temple right now which is upsetting because it's one of my favorite Chinese food places. Last night I was really craving some crab rangoon and egg rolls. A good egg roll is the standard I hold Chinese food restaurants to. If you screw up an egg roll you might as well just close up shop. Golden Temple has good egg rolls and they give you a ton of duck sauce. You can never have too much duck sauce.

But you are on my shit list now Golden Temple.

We order our food through Grubhub and started watching The Last Kingdom. The best part is when Alexander Dreymon is coming out of the water with no shirt on and all you see is a back and long hair and Derek was like "hey there" and then he turns around and that's when Derek realizes it is in fact a dude. I probably should have warned him but it was funnier this way.

So we're waiting for our food and watching Netflix and we're both starting to get hungry. I look at my phone and it's been over two hours since we ordered the food. Golden Temple can take a while but two hours? I call Golden Temple to find out the status and this woman tells me that there's no order for our address. Um excuse me? There better be because Grubhub already charged the credit card. She asks for the name of the person on the order and goes to look again. Now a different guy gets back on the phone and tells me that we cancelled the order. I very politely inform him we didn't cancel and he very rudely says "yes you did it says right here that you did".

Now I'm getting pissed. I'm hungry and I've been waiting for this food that's been paid for and now this guy is going to give me attitude?

I could feel Boston Ginny just waiting to burst out.

I tell him that we did not cancel the order. There's isn't even an option on Grubhub to cancel and we were already charged. I ask him what we can do to get this order through since we already paid.

Do you know what he says?

"You listen to me! You call Grubhub. You cancelled it, you have to call them."

Are you effing kidding me? Are you for real? We keep arguing back and forth and I finally yell at him to forget it and hang up while he's still yelling "no you listen to me!"

Now I have to call Grubhub to get this taken off the card. I'm put on hold for about fifteen minutes and have to suffer through hold music that sounds like it's coming from a phonograph. I finally get someone from Grubhub on the phone who's actually very nice. He confirms that the order was not cancelled and that you can't cancel through the website, you have to call Grubhub and then Grubhub cancels it. Thank you for validating me Grubhub customer service guy.

We ordered Pizza Days instead which arrived in fifteen minutes and saved the day.

Ger ready for my Yelp review Golden Temple *cracks knuckles*


  1. Too bad if the food is that good, but I would never go there again. We ordered Chinese last night and it was taking long (1/2 hour) and we were starving...called and were told it "just went out." I think they forgot the order and then put a rush on it, which is forgivable and much better service...and yeah, great egg rolls. I love me some Chinese food even if it puts on two pounds of water weight for a few days.

    1. I'm so jealous that you got to eat delicious egg rolls

  2. Now I'm hungry for Chinese, but that Golden Temple is messed up!
    We just finished all episodes of The Last Kingdom. Long hair or no, Uhtred's definitely a dude!