Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tell me what type of blog post you like on my blog: a very informal poll.

Some people are very consistent with their style of blog posts. Me on the other hand, I'm all over the place. One day I post a bunch of photos, the next day I'm ranting about Sun Chips. My blog is like a US presidential election, you never know what you're going to get. I have some sort of idea as to what type of posts people like but I figured I would ask and see what my lovely readers have to say.

So here is my informal poll. Please vote and comment for the good of my blog research.

A) photo post where I post a bunch of photos about what I've been up to with commentary
B) one or two photos with a quick comment
C) story type of post where I talk/rant about something that happened to me
D) a post about what I've been up to but without all the photos
E) keep doing a mix of all of these
F) stop blogging! You're terrible!

For extra credit feel free to tell me what you do or do not like about my blogging. Don't worry about being critical. I've been on the internet since the 90s. I can take it.


  1. What I've always liked about your blog is that you just blog about what you WANT to blog about. You come off as very genuine. So if I have to pick a letter, I guess E, but really, just blog what you enjoy blogging!

  2. Thanks everyone for your responses. And no one picked F!