Monday, December 19, 2016

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree

If you're anything like me you're still running around getting last minute Christmas gifts. I'm feeling a bit stressed about getting all my shopping done which is silly because I always manage to finish in time. It does help that my office building is attached to a (very expensive) mall and Eataly is now open. Delicious olive oil for everyone! But right when I think I'm done I remember one more gift I need to buy.

I'm trying to slow down and enjoy the season more. I snapped this picture in Downtown Crossing where we'll be getting married in five months. Christmas trees are one of my favorite things about Christmas. Light em up baby!

P.S. We are not getting married at Macy's. We're getting married in the building on the left.


  1. Replies
    1. Can't let people think I'm getting married in the shoe department

  2. I didn't assume you'd be getting married in the Macy's shoe department. Handbags. I was sure it was the handbag department. Or... the building on the left works too.