Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The blog must go on

It's only Wednesday and I'm exhausted. Luckily blogging can be done from the couch. Derek has been sick with a nasty cough that's been keeping both of us up all night. I got him some cough medicine that I hope will help. We both need our sleep. I'm hoping I don't come down with this cough too.

This lack of sleep just happens to coincide with a busy and somewhat stressful week at work. We're short staffed and one of the other assistants gave her notice last week. I'll most likely be training the new assistant which means putting aside my work to train. I'm doing my best to catch up before the departing assistant is officially gone but I have a lot of work to do.

My commute home was a bit wetter than expected which meant a packed train. I didn't bring an umbrella with me today since I didn't expect it to rain. I think I need to get a new weather app for my phone.

My brother has been sending me teasing texts about our belated Christmas gifts. Apparently "they" have to make my gift. I'm not sure who "they" are. He said Derek's will be here soon but not mine. I asked him if the gifts were related and his response was "kind of but no." These are terrible clues which I think is the point.

My eyes are starting to burn which means it's time for me to head to bed. I'm not hearing any coughing coming from the bedroom which is a good sign. Wish me luck.


  1. Sounds like you are going to be too busy to get sick.

  2. Now I'm all in suspense over your brother's Christmas gifts!
    Hope you don't come down with Derek's crud. My husband and son fought those wars, somehow I was spared (so far)

    1. I will make sure to post what the gift is once I get it.

      I'm hoping I can avoid the cough. So far I'm feeling ok *knocks on wood*