Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Clean out the junk for 2017

I have too much stuff and I'm tired of it. This past weekend I spent some time going through my things and so far I have a garbage bag full of stuff I'm tossing and a box of things I'm going to donate and/or bring to the next fashion swap. I did watch a few episodes of hoarders and while I am by no means a hoarder it did give me the willies. No one needs that much stuff. I think over the past year I've slowly been getting rid of more and more things but now I'm getting to Marie Kondo level here. Well minus the folding. Does this candle spark joy? No more than the 10 other candles I have. Thank you for your service candle but you are no longer needed. That's basically the Marie Kondo method. You're supposed to thank you items that you will no longer be using and then you sleep on the floor with a blanket because you got rid of everything. I'm kidding. I think you get a fork and a knife too.


  1. It's strange but recently I've been feeling the opposite. When I was at my sister in law's house recently, I was trying to work out why it looked so much more cosy and inviting than ours and I realised it was all the ornaments and pictures and stuff that fills every surface and wall. I was then aware that our house looks so uncluttered that it looks bleak and cold. Maybe there is a balance?

    1. For me it's mostly been clothes and things I have a ton of. I have a bunch of clothes that I have not worn in a long time and are just taking up space. I have too many candles and candle holders. I kept a few but got rid of the extra. Having nothing on the walls does look a bit cold. I have some photos hanging up and art and that I plan on keeping. It is a balance for sure.

  2. I'm probably certifiable clutterphobe - maybe from raising kids and stepping on too many legos. Marie Kondo is preachin' to the choir with me. Have fun!