Sunday, February 5, 2017

Happy birthday to me!

Last night was my birthday party at Golden Temple. It's becoming a tradition at this point. Every year I think maybe I should switch it up and try something different but everyone seems to have a really good time.

Let's be honest though, the food is also a major factor in choosing Golden Temple every year.

This is just the appetizers!
After dinner it was time to hit the dance floor. The DJ was pretty good and played all of our requests.

Party time in the E Room
No one would let me pay for my food or drinks despite me trying to pay a few times. They spoiled me with cards, gifts and balloons. What can I say? I have amazing friends.

My mother decided to join the festivities as well. She wanted to get out of the house for a bit in the hopes that her new cat Brighten aka Brighty would come out from under the couch and eat. The good news is he did. He's still hiding most of the time but hopefully he'll get settled in soon and start coming out more.

Mom and daughter

On our way home
I woke up this morning a bit tired but otherwise feeling fine despite all the drinks consumed. I'm declaring the night a success.


  1. Happy Birthday, Ginny!
    So, I guess Golden Temple redeemed themselves? I wish my cat would make me go out and party.

    1. Well I won't be ordering takeout from them again but I guess I can't stay away completely.