Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A very wet victory parade

Waiting for the Pats in the sleet and snow
As you may have heard the Patriots won the Super Bowl. I'm not a huge sports fan but I'll show some hometown pride, especially if your boss let's you slip out of work for an hour to check out the victory parade.
The crowd heading out of the Pru
The parade was supposed to start at 11 but they got off to a late start. After a half hour of waiting in the sleet and snow the duck boats finally started to make their way down Boylston Street.

Bob Kraft

Bill Belichick. He's actually kind of smiling!


Tom Brady

It's not a parade without confetti
As soon as the last duck boats were in sight I made my way through the crowd to get back inside to dry out. My coworkers followed a few minutes later. My coat was pretty much soaked through. Luckily I have a heater at my desk and dried off pretty quick.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be 55 and Thursday we're getting a foot of snow. Always a fun time with New England weather.


  1. Hey, thanks for freezing for us to provide the parade report!