Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dinner in the burbs and a visit with Akira

Last night I rented a zipcar and drove out to the burbs to have dinner with my mom. She's on vacation this week and wanted to have a mother daughter night. She offered to come out to Boston but I wanted to visit Akira.

Akira is ready to play
I know what the kitties like
I let my mom pick our dinner location since she is the Framingham expert. She chose a local Irish pub called Owen O'Leary's that she'd been wanting to try.

Looks like a pub alright
The pub is a bit dated decor wise but what really matters is the food and the service. We each got the dinner special which was a three-course meal of either beef, turkey or haddock for $9.99. I was skeptical but our food was excellent and the bartender was friendly and attentive. We were too full to eat the included desert but brought it home for later. Good choice mom.

When I got home from dinner I checked my email and saw that my test results were back from the blood work I had done that morning (talk about a fast turn around time). I've had high cholesterol since I was a teenager without much change so I was expecting the same results. Imagine my surprise when I saw that I am now very comfortably in the normal range. I'm not quite sure what caused the dramatic drop but I can only assume it's due to the amount of nuts, fish and avocado I've been eating. Whatever the reason I'm happy about it.

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