Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Two Hamilton tickets or one octopus end table that really ties a room together.

Hamilton is coming to Boston and I really want to see it so I got all excited when I saw that the tickets were finally for sale. Then I saw the price of the cheapest tickets.


Derek's response: "Fuck that I'm out. For something that is gone forever after an hour and a half, huge waste of cash. Rather save for house."

Sigh....I know he's right. We have better things to spend our money on like a house or this amazing Octopus end table!

It has a solid 5 star rating and has glowing reviews such as "for people who like octopuses" and "it really tied our room together". I'm not sure how an octopus ties a room together but I believe you Katie.

Now I just have to convince Derek.

Me: look what I found! Pretty sweet right? And only the cost of two Hamilton tickets.

Derek Cutler: how lovecraftian

Me: There's only two left. According to Amazon we better hurry .

Derek: why are you looking at end tables?

Me: Amazon thought I would like this and I agree. So technically the end table was looking for me.

I mean I didn't get a no...

1 comment:

  1. Nice tactics, I see what you did there! First give Derek the "cheapest" Hamilton ticket price, than juxtapose with the octopus tables. Given the choice, you should get a resounding "Yes!"
    But seriously, who came up with that table?