Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The usual places

Yesterday the in-laws were in the city for an appointment so we took them out to Wagamama for dinner. If you're a regular blog reader you know that Derek and I are Wagamama regulars. I'm sure our photos will be up on the wall any day now. My mother-in-law has a dairy allergy and it seemed like a safe bet and luckily I was right. We caught them up on Aruba and married life in general. After the in-laws made their way back to the train we decided to pop into our usual after Wagamama spot - the hotel bar at the Westin. Hotel bars are the best. 

View of the Boston Public Library from the Westin.
We probably should have gone straight home after the hotel bar but we were having fun. We decided to stop off at Washington Square Taven on the way home. We usually know the bartender working but there was a new one tonight. He was very nice and gave us a free round of drinks (very nice indeed). He regaled us with awkward Tavern first date stories which of course I was loving. I texted my best Florida friend to let her know I was at the Tavern. We had some great times there in our 20s and she pretty much expects a memory lane text if I end up there.

We stayed at the Tavern longer than we should have but it was worth it. Now it's time to put myself to bed.

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