Monday, December 10, 2012

AWOLNATION excitement

I'm so excited for two reasons.

One, my brother and his family arrive tomorrow from Florida to visit. I haven't seen them since March.

Two, Derek bought surprise tickets to see AWOLNATION on Wednesday. I have been listening to their album non stop so I thought maybe I should do a little review.

If you recognize AWOLNATION it's probably for the song Sail. The beat kills it and I really like the music video.

The first thing I noticed when I listened to this album is that most of the songs don't sound like Sail. I love the other songs though so this is not a problem. I didn't even realize who the lead singer was until I heard a few other songs.

Oh you use to be in Under the Influence of Giants, well that's cool because I use to listen to UTOG.

His hair is much better now.

My new favorite song by AWOLNATION though is Burn it down. I mean it has a mermaid, ninjas - it's awesome.

The other songs I really like on this album:

Track 3: Soul Wars
Track 4: People
Track 5: Jump on my Shoulders
Track 6: Burn it Down
Track 7: Guilty Filthy Soul
Track 10: Sail
Track 12: Not Your Fault
Track 15: Shoestrings

So as you can see I like most of the songs. I can't wait for Wednesday's show!

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