Tuesday, December 11, 2012

me me me me ME

My mother called me at work yesterday all worked up.

"Did you see what's happening on facebook?"

"No mom, what's gong on?"

"Well Sean posted that he was coming home for a visit and everyone wants him to go visit them."

At first I didn't understand why she was annoyed by this but then I looked on facebook and could see why.  There were all of these comments along the lines of "I'm not working Monday, you can come visit me then". No one offered to go to him or asked what his plans were they just took it upon themselves to tell him when it's convenient for them.

My brother and his wife have an 11th month old. Did anyone think that maybe they don't want to be driving all over Massachusetts with an infant?

I understand that people want to see him while he's up here but there's no way he can get to see everyone in a week, especially when he's expected to make the trip to them. It also doesn't help that my brother said yes to everyone.

My mother sent an email to my brother reminding him that he's not going to have time to see everyone. Even when your 26 you're never too old to get a friendly mom reminder.

I would like to mention that my mother has not gotten everyone on facebook to refer to her as princess grammie. I'm use to calling her most beautiful and wondrous mother (at her request) so it's a bit of an adjustment.


  1. This last trip home, my dad got VERY anxious about everyone who wanted to see me. He really just wanted me to spend as much time with him as possible, and hated having to share me with so many other people. Got to love parents! ;)

  2. Haha. That is ridiculous.
    First of all, one of the major reasons I hate Facebook these days is that everyone can read EVERYTHING. I mean, yes, I know there are privacy settings and you can control what YOU post, but you can't control what other people post on your wall. And you definitely can't control your mom's Facebook-surfing habits. In my family, it's my grandmother who's the worst at that. We've gotten her to calm down a little bit, but she used to ask me about every single male name she saw on my page. She would spy on people she saw posting on my status and I would know about it because she didn't know the "home" button from the "share" button. So awkward.
    But the most ridiculous part of this is not the fact that your mom read the posts and called you about it, but the fact that people expect visits from your brother that fit into their schedules and are being all selfish and weird about it.
    The 21st century is bizarre.

  3. That's annoying - people should visit him! Oh well.

  4. I just moved back home and everyone is like, "when you are coming to (wherever)?" And it's like, "dude. NO. I JUST MOVED. How about YOU come see me?" Although I would not be opposed to coming to visit you in Boston, FYI...

    Also I agree with Lauren; Facebook is getting ridiculous, especially with my mom. Every time I get "tagged" in some photo she's all, "WHO IS THAT? HOW DO YOU KNOW THEM?" Moms.

  5. I agree that people should be trying to visit him, not forcing him to drive around all over the place with a baby! Hell, it was annoying enough for my sister to try and do that just for Christmas last year!