Wednesday, December 5, 2012

#Bostonbloggers meetup. I would be the one with no makeup and wet shoes.

Last night was my third Boston Bloggers meetup. It was fun times. I always get a little nervous going into these meetups which is silly because everyone is nice and we all have something to talk about. Blogging. These are my people. They get it.

I always intend on looking nice for these meetups because people dress up and look put together. There are a lot of fashion bloggers and when I introduce myself to a fashion blogger who looks all cute I feel like I have to explain that I just came from work and I don't always look like crap, sometimes I clean up real nice. It had also rained so my hair wasn't looking so good and my shoes were wet. I didn't explain that, that would be a little much.

You've inspired me fashion bloggers, not to blog my outfits but to wear something nice to the next meetup. You wouldn't want to see my outfit everyday.

I also spoke to my neighbors who I met at the last meetup and live in my building. Turns out the person who was tampering with the bikes in the basement was this kid that runs wild in our building. I came out into the hall one day and he's spraying WD-40 all over the floor.  He's probably about 8 years old and his parents just give him tools and let him do whatever he wants. When I asked him why he was spraying WD-40 on the floor he told me it was water, it was fine. Oh ok! We haven't seen him in the halls as much. Maybe his parents actually punished him?

Now to check out all these new blogs. I feel like I should do a post of some of my favorite Boston bloggers.


  1. I can vouch for the "cleans up well" part ;)

  2. I wish I'd gone to this one! I went to the holiday meetup last year and it was fun, but this year I had my last chorus rehearsal of the season. I know what you mean about fashion bloggers, though- I'm not into fashion at all, so I feel like I have to look nice at those meetups.

  3. Amen - we GET it! It's so refreshing to talk to bloggers who understand what blogging IS! Loved meeting you last night, girl!

    Allie at

  4. Oh man, fashion bloggers just INTIMIDATE me, so you are a step ahead by being inspired lady! ;)