Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Floor party

Our floor party yesterday really fun. There are a few other businesses on our floor and it's a nice way to get to meet your work neighbors.

Toothbrush lady was not in attendance.

I do have a weird bathroom story for you though. Around 7.30 (p.m.) Susan went to the ladies room. She came out with a weird look on her face and told me there was a woman sleeping on the little couch in the ladies room. Of course I had to investigate.

I open the ladies room door and the woman looks at me and smiles from the couch. I awkward smile back and then close the door. I'm not sure if she was a cleaning woman or what. Very weird.

Even though it was raining I forgot my umbrella at work and got pretty wet walking back from the T. It wasn't too cold though so I didn't really mind. Although I might have been warm from the wine....


  1. I have found that the nicer the bathroom, the more likely someone will be doing something weird in it.

    1. Well when you find a nice bathroom you should take advantage of it.