Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I don't know if onions is a solution

My building reeks of paint thinner. It's really strong in the basement and my apartment just happens to be on the first floor. I've googled solutions for this problem and the top answers seem to be cutting up onion and placing it in a bowl of vinegar or lighting candles to burn up the fumes. I'm going the candle route so my apartment smells like a freshly painted Yankee Candle store rather than a freshly painted douche.

I was creeping around my basement trying to find the source of the smell. I'm glad no one saw me because I'm sure I looked weird. Considering hiding onions down there to see if that actually works.

Deliriously yours



  1. I wonder if you filled it with baking soda if that would help. Or embrace it and get high? Happy Friday!

    1. that sounds better than onions!