Sunday, June 2, 2013

Doing my best lobster impression

Spent a hot but beautiful day by a lake on Saturday. I managed to get a bit of a sunburn despite sunblock and chasing the shade. What can I say, I am practically albino.

My cousin's bridal shower was today. I loved my idea of putting flowers in tea cups.
*pats self gently on sunburned back*

Sarina (the maid of honor) and my cousin Alexis.

I find bridal showers boring and they make me wish I was a dude and didn't have to go BUT I did have a good time and more importantly Alexis had a good time. Next up is the bachelorette party (holla!). Way more fun in my opinion. Seeing some pictures of me today was very much not fun. I feel like I look like a fat ass. Time to eat lettuce all the live long day! (Jokes! I like food too much to starve myself).

We've been roasting here in Boston and I don't have my AC in yet. Fun sweaty times over here. I have to wait for my landlord to put it in which means it will probably be put in in August when I'm ready to move. Hey it's like my own personal sauna. Might help with my fat ass problem.


  1. Summer with no AC? You poor poor girl.

    1. It's back to a more normal June temperature thank God

  2. Bridal showers make me wish I was a dude too.

    Your last post cracked me up, I have to mention that too.

    1. Sometimes the dudes have it easy.

      And thank you! :)