Friday, June 28, 2013

I'm not a cat owner, I am owned by cats

I've realized I have a problem.

I'm owned by my cats.

They are quite evil really. Using their cute furry faces to get their way. I think I might be suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

Let me present you with some evidence.

I can't use my bathroom sink.

The sink is occupied!

I didn't realize how bad it's gotten until I went to brush my teeth last night.

Me: Enters bathroom, sees Mr. Binx in the sink

Mr. Binx: lifts head and looks at me.

Me: Ok I'll go brush my teeth in the kitchen. You look very cute.

And then I went and brushed my teeth in the kitchen sink. I mean really? It's like some kind of kitty mind control. Why else would I clean up their poop and pee and vomit, and let them use my sink as their cat bed? 


  1. This is where I come in- battle of the stubborn :D

    1. And I shall document the ongoing battle ha ha :p