Monday, August 12, 2013

A lawn in the city

My next door neighbors have set up a kiddie pool on their front lawn. They don't have any kids, they just hang out around it or sit in it listening to music and drinking beer. Living in Allston I expected to be surrounded by college students but I think my neighbors are closer to my age (which is a young looking 29 if you were wondering). I mean they turn their music off at a respectable hour. I want to go over and hang out. How can I befriend them? They also have a grill. A grill in the city! This is almost as rare as having a front lawn.

I really like my new neighborhood with front lawns and houses. I like that my building only has six units. This could all change September 1st. This could be the calm before the college age kids storm by  for now I'm enjoying it.


  1. If they're outside and you walk by just say "hey I love your pool! that's pretty awesome!" and then you can chat about how you just moved in and ask how long they've been there, etc, and hopefully by the end they'll ask you to hang out!

  2. I'm so extremely awkward in situations like that. There are plenty of people I've met over the years who I think I'd click with and we could be friends, but I never know how to approach it... if you figure it out and it works, let me know the secret.

  3. I think you live near me! I haven't seen these guys but I live in Brighton. I may look to migrate closer to the house/lawn area!

  4. Ha! Adults sitting in a kiddie pool. That takes balls. Good for them.

  5. Just take a six-pack and head on over :) If they didn't want to make friends, they'd put the pool in the backyard.
    Happy Monday!
    Mei @ Diary of a Fair Weather Diver

  6. Kiddie pools are fine for adults. I wouldn't trust public pools. Remember the women lying dead for days at the bottom 'cloudy' public pool in Fall River.

    Renee from Aleksandreia

    1. Yes I do remember that! That was crazy and very sad.