Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Plastic fetuses and keyboard jams

I decided to walk to work this morning. My legs are a bit upset with me as we haven't done a 50 minute walk in a while but I told them to calm it down we could use the exercise.

I passed by two woman outside Planned Parenthood. One was handing out cards and crosses, the other was playing the keyboard that was resting on the hood of her car. They had propped up a piece of poster board with baby dolls in fake plastic wombs glued to it. Very different than the projects I did on poster board in school.

I continued my walk and really wanted water. I didn't plan this very well. I did at least wear sensible shoes.

When I made it into work I told my co-workers at the front desk that I walked all the way here. I need someone to tell me "good job".

I also texted Derek to let him know since he worked from home today and I walked alllllll the way to work. I'm sure he will point out that I didn't have to walk to work and he's right but someone missed out on plastic fetuses and keyboard jams and it wasn't me.

How was your commute today?


  1. woo! it was a perfect day to walk (though i didn't haha. that extra 20 minutes of lying-down-time felt more important)

  2. Best commute ever hahaha. You did a good job!