Saturday, September 28, 2013

A bug committed suicide on my face

I was having dinner last night, minding my own business, when a fly flew right into my face and fell on the table dead. Gross and weird! In other bug news a spider has made a home in my car. I see his web all over my dashboard but the spider is nowhere to be found. If he ambushes my face I might have a heart attack.

My mom and I brought Mr. Binx back to our old vet this morning. The vet I had been going to in Brookline is just way too expensive. The old vet is further away but cheaper and just better in general. Mr. Binx needs dental surgery again, which we expected. I told this vet that the vet in Brookline charged for the follow up after the dental surgery. She said that they don't do a follow up since they use dissolvable stitches. I told her that my previous vet did not and took them out at the follow up appointment. She said that they never do that if the animal is awake especially when they can use dissolvable stitches. I was pretty upset about this. Just another way for the expensive vet to make even more money. I'm going straight to yelp! *shakes internet fist*

Now that I got that out of my system it's time for pizza! Homemade Ginny special (no sauce, lots of cheese).


  1. I had a similar experience trying a new dentist. I've been going to the one in Western Mass that my Mom worked for since I was a little kid. Well I tried one in the North End since it was closer to where I live now and on the first visit he told me I had 3 cavities! Well I didn't believe him, so I went back to my old dentist, who then said I was fine and didn't have any. What a racket!

    1. This has happened to a few people I know. Horrible that they'd lie about that. They just want their cavity money