Saturday, September 14, 2013

Perks of being an adult

Our plans for Germana's birthday last night got switched up at the last minute due to a crowded restaurant so we ended up at Sunset Grill and Tap for dinner and drinks. I was not complaining because that meant NACHOS FOR DINNER!

I'm a huge supporter of the nacho dinner. Sunset has the best nachos, hands down.

Sunset has 112 beers on tap not to mention the massive amount of bottled beer.

We scarfed down our food and had some drinks before we headed over to Nile Lounge for Andy and Germana's first hookah experience.

We put our name in and went to Shabu Zen near by for some drinks. Photos were taken, boyfriends were photo bombing.

We were waiting for over an hour but we were determined. Nile Lounge is 18+ so there were a lot of college students there. I wanted to pull age rank. "Listen punks, I'm 29, practically your mother's age, now let the old lady have you spot."

When we finally got a table we ordered the Lotus which is a blend of strawberry, white peach and guava. Our fruit bowl choice was mango but we got Sponge Bob's house instead. Sorry Sponge Bob, your home works well with hookah.

The best part of a hookah lounge vs a cigar bar is that everyone is just smoking hookah. Hookah has a much sweeter scent and does not cling to you. I hate leaving a cigar bar reeking of cigars and cigarettes. I don't smoke cigarettes or cigars but I do enjoy some hookah once in a while (at a lounge of course).


  1. I used to go to Sunset Cantina on Commonwealth all the time! So many good the Red Sox winning the world series for the first time in years hahaha. Woo Boston!

    1. I love it there! The nachos haven't changed.

  2. Replies
    1. pineapples are not a good idea for a home ha ha

  3. I just want to reach into the picture and eat more nachos