Saturday, November 9, 2013

Glitter feet are better feet

I got many compliments on my work outfit on Friday. I don't wear skirts too often but now that I bought a few new pairs of tights I think I will.

I'm really loving Forever21's tights. Very comfortable and they don't rip on the first wear.

Dinner at Sunset with my bff Raspberry UFO.

Then we went to Devlin's and met up with some friends.

Then we went to the Green Briar.

If you want everyone to sing along make sure you play All These Things That I've Done by the Killers. Check out that beard!

Real classy guys.

Juston is always laughing. He's moving to LA in January. Way to bail on us for warmer times.

My new amazing black glitter shoes from Payless. I also got them in gold glitter. The most comfortable flats I own.

Ha ha this picture makes me laugh. I'm all "serious picture time" and Derek's all "what?"

I think the red jacket is going to have to be sent out to pasture soon. The zipper keeps sliding down. I've had it for years but I'm not ready to say goodbye yet!

Heading out to the Abbey later because I've been craving a burger and truffle fries.

I don't really watch Glee but how awesome is Adam Lambert here. How did he not win American Idol and can he teach me eye liner tricks?

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