Friday, November 8, 2013

The only rule for drunken college parade is be drunken

Hello there, thank you for contributing to the great boot debate yesterday. Enjoy this at work selfie.

One point for not summer time - I can let my hair dry naturally and it looks decent. Summer time = poof town USA population me.

I want this painting. It's hanging out on a display in the mall near my work.

Crazy Dough opened in the mall and of course I had to get that potato dreamboat of a pizza right there. It was so good. I better eat grass for lunch tomorrow. I kid people, I love food way too much to not eat.

I had to purchase another umbrella yesterday. I just bought this blue one with bubbles and it's already broken. I need a super hardcore umbrella - the iron man of umbrellas. Preferably it would be delivered by Robert Downey Jr.

My car is missing the back cover to one of it's mirrors. I should be thankful my mirror is still there and functioning. Drunken college parade happens every weekend (and sometimes on week nights) and no one and nothing is safe. I'm assuming the back cover to my drivers side mirror was used as a musical instrument or a ball during drunken college parade. Now how do I go about getting another one of these? I suppose I could call a salvage yard. My car is a popular color as I've seen my car's siblings all over the city in the exact color (Legolas green). I suppose I shall be an adult and figure it out or procrastinate and complain about it which is also the adult thing to do.


  1. I wish David Duchovny would deliver me an umbrella. No such luck there, either.

    Also why is it so friggen hard to buy an umbrella that doesn't suck?

    1. Seriously I don't know! I'm so sick of having to buy new umbrellas