Sunday, November 10, 2013

Shirley Temple day. Get yo cherry on.

I may or may not have taken some bread sticks home in my purse. Just 3! Take note bars. I love the bread sticks.

I decided I wanted a Shirley Temple. Sometimes I'm really smart.

Nomato sauce I made for dinner. I can't have tomato sauce due to IC and acid reflux. I used this recipe and it came out pretty good. It's the closest I'll get to tomato sauce.

My reflux has been bothering me for the past week or so. No heartburn (which is what usually gets me) but lots of acid coming up in the back of my throat. I'm trying to see if a few days double up on my medicine will help. We shall see. I know, interesting blog stuff right here folks. Let's talk about Ginny's old lady stomach!

As you can see a very productive day over here. Mr. Binx's hair is finally starting to grow back from his dental surgery iv.

Let's skip back to brunch today. Derek and I went to Common Ground and the bunch was ok. The menu was pretty unimpressive but the food wasn't bad. It wasn't great either but at least we gave it a shot. Still have not found our Allston brunch spot yet. Anyways, this girl at the table next to us looked like she was going to face plant onto her plate. Her eyes were half closed and her and her male friend there barely said a word. I saw her reach for her water and it was the slowest glass to mouth I've ever seen. I have no idea what drugs she was on but she was gone.

And hey guess what? I found the back cover to my drivers side mirror smashed in some bushes. Thanks college students!


  1. Apparently Allston Diner is very good. I haven't been there yet myself though. I did try @Union for brunch once and I thought it was quite good actually. You should check it out!

    1. Thanks Charlie! We will check both out for sure :)