Friday, November 22, 2013

I might murder my coworker over cookies

Because I'm a nice person, when my co-worker asked if I wanted to order cookies for her niece's school I said "sure". Cookies are way more useful than wrapping paper, which is what my school used to sell.

I ordered the cookies about a month ago and almost forgot about them until cookie delivery day arrived! I was all excited and ready to eat my feelings with some delicious peanut butter cookies but j/k everyone it's actually cookie dough as in I can't actually eat cookies right now. What kind of sham fundraiser is this? One of my co-workers suggested that we just eat the dough but I have not reached Paual Deen level of desperation yet.

To be fair my co-worker who sold me the dough did not realize that it was dough either and was equally disappointed. I gave her two options: she could come over my house and bake the cookies for me or I kill her.

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