Saturday, November 16, 2013

My new hobby is watching the cats play with catnip toys

Derek and I went to Mass Ave Tavern last night for dinner and drinks. I got a burger a sweet potato fries. Two days in a row that I've had a burger for dinner. I think I need to get some leafy greens in my life today. My sweet potato fries were bland but Derek's waffle fries were awesome so I stole a few off his plate.

Mass Ave Tavern has a ton of board games you can play. They had Jenga which I don't think is a good game to play at a small table in a bar. They also had Clue! I haven't played Clue in a long time. I kick ass at Clue. Most people don't keep track of who says they don't have something when it's not their turn. I do and mark it down. That's how I narrow it down faster. Now you know my Clue secret and I can never play with you.

We went home earlier than we usually would on a Friday night. I've been really tired this week which I'm sure is due to my lovely stomach. I bought the cats some new toys at the super market on the way home (I needed cat food too). Bosco went nuts.

Get a few beers in you and watch a cat freak out over catnip toys. Good times. He flings it up in the air and carries it around in his mouth like a dog. How can you not be amused by that?

After watching Bosco I went back into the bedroom and found a little box on my pillow. I opened it up and there were some earrings inside. When I first saw the box my I was like "why did I leave a box on my pillow, that's weird. Wait a second I didn't leave a box on my pillow!" I was tired ok! I have a very sneaky but very thoughtful boyfriend.

Time to catch up on American Horror Story. I missed this weeks episode.


  1. That is so sweet! Love thoughtful and unexpected gifts!