Monday, November 4, 2013


This was my first time making sangria. My cousin Alexis volunteered as a taste tester.

I want one of these. Is it a wall tapestry? I'm not sure if that's what you'd call it. If you know where I could find one let me know.

Sweet blanket Lexi.

Alexis has the best random stuff around her apartment. I love it.

So sangria came out pretty good. I used pinot noir, sprite, brandy and tons of fruit.

I went shopping for boots on Saturday and it was such a pain. I went to DSW and tried on about 15 pairs. The ones that were comfy on my feet wouldn't fit over my calves and the ones that did fit over my calves weren't comfortable on my feet. I tried a few wide calf boots but they were way too big. Apparently I'm in between normal calf and wife calf. I finally found a pair on the clearance rack. Thank you baby Jesus! Pictures to come when I'm not being lazy.

I overheard a mother and daughter at DSW arguing about boots.

"You should try these on they're so pretty!"

"No, those are ugly, I don't like them."

"Why not they're adorable!"

"Then you try them on MOM!"


  1. My sister has the same issue with boots. I swear boots are the new jeans. No two pair are every cut the same or fit the same!

    1. It's so annoying! Where are the medium calf boots?