Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thoughts on Ender's Game

But first some random pics

I want to buy all of these festive kitty toys for my cats. They're big fans of toy mice and feathers. It would make my floor very festive.

I like take picture of clouds. What can I say.

Look at all that fake butter color. Do not come between me and my disgusting movie popcorn. Don't worry this was  taken during the previews. I'm not that much of an ass that I bust my phone out during a movie.

So let's talk about Ender's Game.

Ender's Game is one of my favorite books. It's a shame Orson Scott Card is a complete ass because you want to like the writers of your favorite books. I was worried about Ender's Game translating to the big screen. The relationships and characters are complex and we get a lot of information because we're in  Ender's head. I think that the movie came out fairly well considering this.

I thought the casting was well done. My one complaint was Bonzo. He just did not look the part to me. He was tiny and not intimidating at all. That just might be going against what I had in my head but I'd like to hear others thoughts on that. I think Petra was cast perfectly.

The movie felt rushed to me. At an hour and fifty-four minutes it could have been longer. You don't get the sense that these kids have been training for a long time. The relationships are also not given time to develop. We barely see Bean and pretty much know nothing about him in the movie. I wish they had focused on his and Ender's relationship more. I think the build up to Ender and Bonzo's confrontation was not long enough. You don't really get to feel Bonzo's hatred for Ender. It's more like "I'm annoyed by you!" Also Bonzo's death was not just "oops I pushed you and you fell and hit your head". He smashed his nose into his head and that was not an accident.

I wish they had put in the scene where Petra falls asleep during a battle due to Ender relying on her too much. Bean had noticed that Petra was worn out and mentions it to Ender but Ender doesn't listen. Bean ends up saving the day when  Petra falls asleep and I think that really showed a great deal about Bean's character. We don't get to see how much Bean does for Ender in the movie.

I think the movie turned out well for a book that was deemed impossible to turn into a movie. It was far from perfect but it wasn't ruined. I think it would have been better as a mini series but what can you do (just blog about it...)


  1. Ahhhh festive cat toys!! I want them all! x

    1. me too I thought they were so cute!

  2. Aw man, they don't focus on Bean? Pshaw. I'm still excited to see it! One of my favorite books, too!

    1. They focused more on Ender and Petra's relationship which is fine except that we barely saw anything between Ender and Bean.