Thursday, November 21, 2013

This is not a riddle

Derek and I on the T this morning and this conversation happens.

Me: Do you wanna know what's weird?

Derek: What.

Me: So I bought three pairs of tights from Forever 21. I bought a black pair, a blue pair and a red pair all at the same time and they are all the same size...

Derek: Is this a math problem?

Me: No! So the black pair and the blue pair...

Derek: Are you sure this isn't a riddle?

Me: It's not a math problem or a riddle! So the black pair and the blue fit fine but the red pair is too small. It don't make any sense!

Derek: .........

Me: Ok maybe it is a riddle. Why do the red pair not fit!

Derek: Well they were probably made by a child in Indonesia.

He's probably right.


  1. Lol, Derek has a pretty solid point. Those Indonesian children need to get their fucking act together.

    1. I mean how long have they been making tights for? I expect better from a 10 year old.

  2. Replies
    1. me too and I had this conversation