Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day 12 of no french fries or potato chips. Hold me!

I'm on day 12 of 30 days of no french fries or potato chips. Every day it gets a little easier. There's still the temptation - the co-worker who eats Cape Cod chips with her sandwich, the table next to me at a restaurant who orders a burger with golden truffle fries. I must stay strong and not let the sound of a potato chip crunching or that delicious freshly fried french fry smell lead me astray. I say NO to your salty deliciousness!

What really keeps me going is the bet I have with Derek. He thinks I can't stay off the chips and fries for 30 days. And also God because I think that's what you're supposed to say at the end of a speech like this. I imagine him watching over my shoulder and patting me on the back every time I pass up a chip or fry. "That's my girl G. That's my girl...."


  1. Yesterday my co-worker and I were ranking the best places to get french fries in 9am.

    1. ooh what places made the list! My favorite are the truffle fries at the Abbey in Brookline. I need to know where the best ones are. Wait...maybe hold off until January to tell me.

  2. Wow this would be a considerable feat! Go on ahead Ginny..I'm getting the medal ready!

  3. Oh my god, you're a hero. Well done girl x