Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Window shopping is depressing

I have no idea how much this dress is (the one on the mannequin wearing a fur neck brace), but I can guarantee I can't afford it.

Gah! I want it so bad though. It's gold and shimmery and would be perfect for New Years Eve. But seriously, what is up with the fur neck brace? I bet it's the most expensive thing in the window too.

To the right of the dress of my dreams are some amazing black boots.

There's a little tassel on the zipper and cute little studs going up the back. I'm sure these lovely boots are also out of my price range.

Damn you Lord & Taylor and your tempting window displays. I'm not even going to call it window shopping anymore. I'm renaming it window dreaming.

P.S. Mannequin is spelled like that? I seriously had to google it because I could not for the life of me remember how it was spelled.

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