Thursday, January 9, 2014

Well that's the last time I try to be helpful

I bought Derek a new pillow for Christmas off of Amazon. I reviewed the pillow on Amazon and when you review a product on Amazon if someone has a question Amazon will email you and ask if you can answer the question. So I got an email from Amazon with a question someone had about the pillow.

"has anyone seen the foam of the pillow? Is it yellow? the contour one"

I decided I would be helpful and answer despite the description of the pillow saying it is a memory foam pillow, it does not say it is a contour pillow.

I responded with:

"It's a memory foam pillow but there are other pillows that actually say "contour" in the description so I would look at those."

His response back:

"well yeah its a memory foam pillow but the foam is it yellow? cud u unzip it and check pls"

I'm not going to respond. I draw the line at unzipping my pillows to see what color the foam is. Does it matter what color it is? That some how will tell you if it's a "contour" pillow? Just buy one that says contour in the description!

I am no longer going to be helpful. You're on your own for pillow shopping.

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