Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Juan Pablo is pretty much the worst Bachelor ever. This post was written with a lot of VapoRub.

I'm blogging while inhaling the lovely fumes of Vicks VapoRub. It's also my 30th birthday!! I had plans to go out tonight with Derek but instead he will be making me soup and I will be resting on the couch. My birthday bash with all my friends is on Saturday so I better rest up.

I didn't do much yesterday except sleep and go through a whole box of tissues but I did watch the bachelor and oh boy do I have a few things to say.

Juan Pablo is the worst Bachelor in the history of the show. He seemed like a nice guy but he manipulates the woman on the show and uses his daughter as an excuse for anything he feels uncomfortable with.

At one point he said that he wouldn't kiss anymore girls because he was afraid of what his daughter would think. First of all his daughter is 4 so why would she be watching this show? Second of all he continues to kiss the women he wants to kiss and then tells any woman he doesn't want to kiss he can't because of his daughter. Literally right after he tells a woman he can't kiss her because of his daughter he makes out with another girl because "can't resist her".

The worst was last night's episode when Claire snuck off to his room in Vietnam and asked him to go swimming in the ocean at 4 a.m. Juan Pablo agreed without a second thought. The next day he regrets this and says they "went too far". He then has a talk with Claire and uses his daughter as an excuse and makes her feel guilty claiming once again that he has to think about what his daughter will see. How about you admit that you feel guilty but that it's not her fault because you willing participated!

If he picks another woman at the end beside Claire how will she feel that they got it on in the ocean? Pretty pissed off I'm going to guess. And there is no doubt that they had sex that night from Claire's comments alone.

I'm not a big fan of Claire but she did not deserve the guilt he was laying on her.

I won't even get into his remarks about having a gay bachelor. That was a huge strike one in my book.

I would also like to point out that Derek walked by while I was watching and said "wait is that Juan Pablo? I thought he was Spanish?" I said that he is Spanish. Derek does not believe me but this also adds to my theory that the Bachelor producers picked the whitest Spanish guy they could find.

Ok back to looking up all the uses for Vicks VapoRub. Does it really work for pimples?


  1. I've never actually watched The Bachelor, but I feel like I have because so many people I follow on Twitter are into it. From what I've heard, dude sounds like a douche and a half.

    Also, super lame that you're not feeling well on your birthday. :( But Vicks Vaporub is the absolute best thing!

    1. It's probably for the best to just read the tweets and not watch ha ha. The Vicks is working well :)