Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Double standards on the Real World Ex-Plosion

I finally got a haircut. I was starting to resemble the girl from the Ring for a little bit there but my hair is looking much better now. I went to my usual hairdresser, Liz at Back Bay Hair Designs. Hopefully I won't wait so long between cuts next time, it was kind of embarrassing.

This season of the Real World is really pissing me off. More specifically the men on this season are pissing me off. Every single guy in the house has slut shamed one of the girls at some point. The double standards are so glaring it's sickening. It's totally ok for one of the guys to get a phone number or bring a girl home but when the tables are turned it's suddenly not ok.

The worst example was when Cory's ex Lauren found out she was pregnant from a guy she slept with before she came on the show. Cory flipped out on her but Cory had been sleeping with Jenny before Lauren came! Jenny even said "that could have been me, I could have gotten pregnant" to Lauren. So it was ok for Cory to sleep with someone else but not for Lauren? And on top of that back when they had first started dating Cory thought he got some other girl pregnant and Lauren stayed with him! That crap just gets under my skin. Thank God I have a blog where I can rant about people on reality tv.